Make Movies, Not Wars!

13 more days and counting down to the political drama at the White House. This has been my primary source of entertainment for the last 9 months — yes, life under lockdown is painful. The Pandemic has given me a new revelation in how many of us make a living, mine especially. I live inContinue reading “Make Movies, Not Wars!”


MACP 突然跳出來要代表詞曲創作人收取數字表演版稅的做法有點耐人尋味。傳統上 MACP 收取的是 Performing Rights Royalty,任何公放音樂(公開播放和現場表演牽涉到的版權有點不同,但也算是 public performance 的一種)的公開場合如餐廳電影院機艙內,甚至公交車內原則上都得繳交 Royalties。