“Coke Glasses” a sigma fp test.

Soon after the birding outing with Vincent Thian, I noticed the footage from the camera is far from satisfactory — I had to go through a whole lot of processing to barely get close to what I wanted.
No, this is NOT the camera I bought.
Upon investigation, I think I have found the culprit: recording through HDMI, even though at ProRes HQ, with the Blackmagic Design VideoAssist, is not the same as recording the footage in-camera.

I will have to do more testings.

Bigger Than Bigger: 那些被忽略的細節。

在蘋果真的很強很暴力的發佈會後,,網上一片酸民吐槽當兒,iPhone 6 在日本平靜地開賣了。但這次蘋果發佈會真的是毫無看頭麼?消失在媒體的規格 PK 之間,是我們忽略的一些甚麼細節?

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