A Guy Who Asks Me for a Story and a Girl Who Tells Me a Story.

developing a mini series is tough.

This is one of those projects that was initiated by someone who asks if I can develop a story so he can help produce it but later turns out to be just another empty promise. I have met many of these people, and along the way, new ideas were spawned, money spent, time invested, and efforts made, but they disappear in thin air.

Not being in Malaysia for almost 15 years has its disadvantage; it takes time to identify trustworthy people, and sometimes people can be really convincing. “My company works very closely with XYZ, this will definitely work!” they often tell you.

But they are either not in the position to make decisions, or they are just fishing for new ideas.

Though like many film projects, what’s meant to be often are not to be. As storytellers, we should just focus on the story, and when all the stars are aligned properly, miracles will happen.