Make Movies, Not Wars!

13 more days and counting down to the political drama at the White House. This has been my primary source of entertainment for the last 9 months — yes, life under lockdown is painful.

The Pandemic has given me a new revelation in how many of us make a living, mine especially. I live in Kuala Lumpur, but I have not derived a single cent of income in Malaysia for the last 14 years. Being lockdown in Malaysia has amplified this fact more than tenfold, and the feeling is painful.

We derive our value from what we do, and how we contribute to the society. As a father, or son, or a spouse, the value of being around, being present is as important as bringing bread to the table. In my case, being able to create, to write, to produce, to instruct, is my percieved value, our contribution the world.

All these stopped with the lockdown.

Had breakfast with a neighbour this morning, and I guess he sensed that I have somewhat lost my direction; being alone at home for a long period of time can do strange things to sane people. I think it is happening to me. I am grateful for his show of concern, as fellow human beings, this is the least we can do, and I’d do the same to anyone in need. We will meet again, for some future possibilities, I am sure.

Later in the afternoon, I made a conference call with Sean, a partner in Japan, con-calls are becoming the only avenue for us to communicate to the outside world, it is also makes me feel “normal” for awhile, we spoke about a screenplay I was developing since 2016, the year Trump was sworn into office, and for 4 years, I have been writing and editing the screenplay, but the world has literally stopped.

Sean spoke with confidence about how we can put together a plan to push ahead. The film has to be shot in Malaysia, because the story is set in Malaysia, and we are hoping to start work as soon as we can.

Being able to talk to level headed people who know what they are talking has a calming effect — far too many “producers” spew film theories and talk as if they have all the answers in the universe but yet have no idea what’s been going on. I am getting tired of it.

And angry too.

So, I guess I should be packed and ready to move on.

To Make Movies.

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