2020 Golden Horse Award

If Only Pigs Can Fly…

Some say it’s the pinnacle of Chinese Cinema, cheering for it while jeering at the other film festival across the Strait, but a dead silence among others, those who take a slightly different approach to the world of cinema indeed will have a different view, and their silence is deafening.

For Taiwan to stay relevant, and have a voice in the increasingly politically polarised state of the industry, I think it’s better to not overstate or underrate the rank of a film award such as the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Rooster Award, for they play different roles, and they are oranges and apples different — for one side to win doesn’t mean the other must lose.

I’d argue that this year is a very difficult year for the industry, there are filmmakers who have given up their crafts and some who have given up their lives under the huge stress of not having enough jobs or stalled projects. Debts and other non-natural calamities wrecked the lives of many.

Sometimes you become the king of a molehill simply because. Not because you have beaten the best, but rather beaten the rest. To think Mulan gets nominated for a major film award pitching against TENET sounds impossible just a few months ago, but the reality is that there are simply not many choices out there. So I won’t be celebrating any kind of victory.

Not yet, anyway.

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