Can a Malay fall in love with a Chinese on screen?

We need camera operators who can expose properly. The underexposed noise is so glaring I had to look away from an otherwise well thought out, ambitious story.
Regarding #love in #PrebetSapu
There are 3 references of mother in the film.
  1. Aman cooking his mother’s favorite dish, his clinging on to his mother’s scarf, even when he cooks, he uses it;
  2. Bella’s wants to find her mother in US if she can. Father left her when she was young, and the relationship between her and her mother is unclear; and
  3. Bella becoming a mother, father unknown.
The two characters seek resolution with their mothers, and it finally comes with the baby girl is born.
While it isn’t clear what happens at the end of the tunnel before credit roll, it is safe to say that the baby has brought change in the chemistry balance between the two.
Is that love? Hui Seng Kin

Also as a side note, the good doctor Suraya (hope I get the character’s name right, she is not credited in IMDb) switches to Mandarin when she offers to buy the baby off Bella….. the conspiracy theorist in me sounded all kinds of alarm.

PREBET SAPU 為何會成了黑白片?

剛剛看了這部 Muz Amer 導演送展奧斯卡的馬來西亞電影。出場時發現演員 Mei Fen Lim 也在場。進場前友人有個疑惑:為何電影是黑白的,我跟她說這也是我想知道的問題。
  1. 從敘事上,這片子的野心不小:它試圖通過兩個在社會底層努力打拼卻一直格格不入的兩個人物敘述馬來西亞面對的一些困境,這一點,導演算是達到了他的目的,可惜提出問題後片子卻一直在邊緣徘徊,有點下了刀卻沒把人砍死的覺悟。
  2. 對白。同樣,兩個人物的大量對白也流於表面,兩個住在一起的人客客氣氣的對話,本以為會有甚麼樣子的驚天動地的火花開天闢地地閃放出來,卻在後面被過多的對話消滅了本該有的想像空間,說好的電影的 Show, Not Tell 呢?
  3. 色盲。色盲的人如何辨認顏色?能考到駕照嗎?答案是如果對方能辨認青椒紅椒的分別,對方就能看出紅綠燈的分別,這一點,是一個邏輯上的 Bug。以此為由解釋電影是黑白的,說得通嗎?我認為還沒有。
  4. 音樂。好吧,這片子近乎於貧匱的音樂真的會讓奧斯卡評選委員以為馬來西亞沒有音樂人。
  5. 攝影。聽朋友說這片子換了幾個攝影指導,所以⋯⋯以下刪掉三千字。
  6. 片子好不好看?片子好看。但技術上不合格。
  7. 黑白。從影片中大量的曝光不足,利用後製強行增益的做法,可以猜得到導演到最後把飽和度降到零是很無可奈何的事。好吧,我原諒你了。
作為一部寫實題材的電影,這片子很不錯,演員有好幾場戲讓我忘卻技術上刺眼的畫面,真的很不錯。(我出場時跟演員說的good show 是真心的。
最後,有人可以告訴我為何 Prebet Sapu 是黑車嗎?