Can the V-Mic D4 handle a Yamaha Grand?

Surprise to find an extension cable that doesn’t add noise to the signal path.

What if all you have is a pair of Deity Microphone V-Mic D4 Duo and you need to record and shoot some (not-so) awesome piano? I will try to figure out an answer.

Problem 1: mic may not be able to handle the high dynamic range;

Problem 2: optimal mic placement may not be the optimal camera angle;

Problem 3: the stereo mic array is very close together but not pointing at the same direction, this is a physical limitation, and I will have to figure out how;

This didn’t work.

Putting the entire rig into a piano is a bad idea, it is a horrible idea, don’t even try it!


Sigma FP Test Shots with the Nikkor lenses.

Orange and Teal

Took me a while to acquire a Nikon G mount to Leica L mount adapter; the leica mounts came first, as always. But the Nikkor lenses took me by surprise — not only are the larger barrel sizes made it easier for me to manually focus, the slighly larger lens makes the camera system a lot more balanced.

I will touch on these on my VLOG.

These two screengrabs are direct-from-camera files, recorded via HDMI to a Blackmagic Design Video Assist recorder, with Prores RT codec; not the best in the world, but looks pleasant and promising.

My widest Nikkor is a 10.5mm crop-sensor fisheye lens, subsequently 12mm, 20mm, 24mm, 45mm, 50mm, 80mm and a 105mm micro.

Cinemic colour

IMHO. Nikkor and Leica are still the best.